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About TNS

Along with the new state,new hopes, new ideas, new government, new associations with strong bodies to build a stronger state in the country were also born.

 In December 2014 at Gandhi medical College Alumni building, after so much of emotional and physical mind storming sessions under the able guidance of Prof Raja Reddy, Prof K. Satya narayana, Prof.P.Dhairyawan, Prof.P.G. Reddy and Prof.G.Prakash Rao, new association in the field of neurosciences has formed and named as TELANGANA NEUROSCIENCES SOCIETY to serve the people of Telangana and neighbouring states as well. Dr.Harish Jadav, Dr.K.Ravi, Dr.N.Pratap Kumar, Dr.A.Praveen and Dr.Vishnu Vardhan were also present and formed a adhoc body and elected the office bearers as reflected in this Sovenir.

A formal announcement of the formation of a separate Telangana Neurosciences Society was announced in the General Body meeting of APNSA Annual Meeting – 2014 at Hotel Daspalla. There were many apprehensions on either side of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Our senior members allayed the apprehensions and actively supported the genuine need for a separate body for the new State. There was a major issue of division of funds of APNSA which the Adhoc Committee members of Telangana displayed their magnanimity and said they were neither interested in division of APNSA or its funds, but their primary interest was formation of separate Neurosciences Body in the newly formed state.

There were several meetings of the Adhoc Committee discussing the issue of Primary Membership, voting rights and office bearing. Prof.P.Dhairyawan took lot of pains in framing the Memorandum of Association to be registered as per state Govt. act. The following categories of memberships were included. Life Members are people with requisite qualifications in Neurology / Neurosurgery and residents of the State of Telangana as per rules stipulated by the newly formed State. They have voting rights and can become office bearers. Honorary Members are people with requisite qualifications in Neurology and Neurosurgery but donot fall in the ambit of Telangana State Govt.rules whether they are residing / practising in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh or any other State. Others having post graduate qualification in any allied subjects like Radiology, Pathology, Biochemistry or Microbiology and residents of either Telangana or outside state can be Honorary Members of TNS. Honorary Members do not have right to vote or bear office of TNS. Associate Members are those people who are undergoing training in DM/MCh/DNBE in Neurology / Neurosurgery.Three Founder Members from senior Faculty were taken to guide the Executive Committee for smooth function of the Society. Membership fee was waived off as most of the members have already paid such fee to APNSA and the newly formed TNS did not want to burden them further.

The Executive committee was eager to have one day CME to launch the newly formed Society. After several meetings finally one day full-fledged Inaugural Conference took shape. An Organising Committee was formed under the Chairmanship of Prof.P.G.Reddy and myself as Organising Secretary. Guest lectures, free papers, posters, quiz with two hours CME accreditation points from the TSMC were organised. Prizes in the form of memento and certificate of appreciation will be presented to winners in oral presentations, poster presentations and quiz competition.

I would like to acknowledge efforts of the member like Prof.D.Raja Reddy, Prof.P.Dhairyawan, Prof.G.Satyanarayana, Prof.A.K.Meena for their relentless guidance and participation. Prof.P.G.Reddy and S.K.S.Neuro Hospital would always be remembered for the generous sponsorship all the meetings. It was also decided to have an oration in the name of Prof.P.Dhairyawan every year after timely generous donation to the Society.

TNS in involved in “Training of Trainers” for Neuroscience skill development and to organize seminars, Continuing Medical Education programs and annual conferences

Dr.N.Pratap Kumar

Organising Secretary TNSCON-2017




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